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Roman Shades

Roman Shades are multi-purpose window treatments that are very effective in blocking sunlight from entering a room. Roman Shades often times have the look and feel of draperies, but can be as practical a window treatment as a cellular blind. Roman shades are designed for their convenient ability to be raised and lowered like a blind. They come in a variety of materials, including woven fabrics, faux wood, wood and bamboo to name a few. They are able to create privacy within the room while allowing light to come in from the outside. Roman Shades will fit nearly every setting, whether you are looking for the elegant or casual décor.

Roman Shades Purpose and Function

Roman shades are made up of a series of panels of various materials that whenever their pull cord is lifted (pulled), the shades are evenly stacked together. Roman Shades are very effective in blocking sunlight, a primary function which proves very useful in rooms where sun glare interferes with the utility of a room, whether it is a television room, dining room or office. The height of Roman shades is easily adjusted with its easy-to-operate pull cord. It is also important to note that as Roman Shades are effective in keeping sunlight out of room, they also prevent people from looking into the room from the outside.

Roman Shades Variations

Roman Shades come in a variety and assortment of colors and materials, and there are some Roman shades that will feature a picture that is fully revealed whenever the pull cord is lifted. Roman shades are usually made from a multiplicity of fabrics, but Roman shades are also made from wooden variations, particularly bamboo-based Roman shades. Fabric Roman shades will give a home a distinctly cutting-edge feel, wooden bamboo Roman shades will give any area where they are placed a very high end natural vibe.

Roman Shades can be a beautiful window treatment for any room. They will add texture, vibrancy, and color to that room. Roman Shades are a practical choice to provide insulation, light filtration, and privacy for the users. They will turn a bland room into an exciting, noticeable room and give it a feel that a decorator has been at work.

Roman Shades Hobbled and Flat

A significant characteristic of Roman Shades is their design of being flat or hobbled. The flat roman shade creates a clean and uncluttered look that many people find perfect for the modern home. Roman Shades are also used in a casual setting too. Roman Shades pleats lie completely flat and will stack up into each other when the shade is raised. Roman Shades that are hobbled style are of a more ornate nature – and they are often used in more formal settings and dining areas to create a look of “money”. There is no hard and fast rule in the decorating business, but deciding if your Roman shades will be flat or hobbled is where we begin at the Roman Shade Shop.

Additional Roman Shades Styles

Reverse Fold Roman Shades are patterned from the Flat Roman Shade. The Reverse Fold is flat when fully extended and the shade itself features dowels, also known as straighteners that are built into the body of the fabric. Reverse Fold Roman Shades have clean, crisp folds when the shade is raised or lowered.

Tuscany Natural Grass Roman Shades have been made very popular by interior decorators and it is a favorite of the Do It Yourself Television Network shows. Tuscany Natural Grass Roman Shades have the functionality of Roman Shades, but they are made from woven wood materials including bamboo, sisal, rattan, reeds and sea grass.

Relaxed Roman Shades are known for their rounded folds at the bottom and the flat look when the shades are fully closed. These shades tend to be used more in casual settings or can be used in combination with other side panel fixtures.

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